Wednesday, 29 April 2015

14 Things You'll Only Remember If You Grew Up In Fleet

1. Longing for the day you were old enough to get into Jaxx

But instead having to settle for Snap (or as it's now called... "Hype"). Once a month, going out on a Friday night to the oh-so-glam Harlington Centre, after choosing matching outfits with your "twinny" and speculating about who was going to dance with who on MSN.

2. The Skate Park

Most people didn't even ride skateboards. Either you were one of those twats on a scooter, or you were one of the girls hanging around watching in the hopes of getting noticed by that fit bloke in your Maths class. Or you walked past and judged everyone there. Either way, the skate park was a central location for socialising in Fleet... as well as McDonalds.

3. Turning on the Christmas Lights

 THE social event of the year. Only the coolest of the cool went on that ride "Music Trip".

4. Fleet Carnival

Second only to the Winter Gala Night, the Summer Carnival was HUGE. Good luck trying to get through the High Street, or, anywhere. And good luck trying to spot your child in the parade.

5. Sledding down The Views on snow days

After tuning into 96.4 The Eagle and hearing your school announced, it was time to get straight to the Views, basically the only incline in Fleet. Until all the snow was gone cos those wankers that had been there since 9am had ruined it.

6. Being outraged when Verne Video shut down. 

Where am I supposed to get 1p sugar mice from now?!

7. The absolute BATTLE of the secondary schools

Oh, I'm sorry, you're a Court-Mooron?!

8. Trying to tell people where you're from

"Oh, the services?" Yeah, the services.

There's a fucking WAITROSE

9. Feeling like you were living somewhere *happening* when Fleet finally got a Starbucks


10. Being shocked and appalled when Woolworths closed down

And then subsequently Poundland. Why do good things happen to good people?!

11. The Pink Man of Fleet! A true local legend.

12. Venturing to Basingstoke at the weekend and feeling like you were hitting up Oxford Street

Was it really a trip to Basingstoke if you didn't take a dressing room selfie on your Nokia?

13. Never understanding why Fleet Pond is called a pond 


14. Never leaving

Everyone complains about Fleet, but does anyone actually leave? Not really. Even if you've managed to get yourself out, half your friends and family are probably still there. Why? Because it's safe and comfy and there's a NIGHTCLUB underneath a WAITROSE, what more could you need?!


Adam Canfield said...

Pretty accurate

Anonymous said...

There's part of me that misses that place!

Chris said...

Jaxx? Is older folk went to the Warehouse

And younicked one of my images :)

Anonymous said...

Fleet Pond is a "fucking" pond because it only has inlet streams. Lakes by definition have an outlet. Probably should have paid more attention in geography you Court-moron.

No wonder you're still there.

Anonymous said...

Lol Anon this wee lassy is a Calthorpian I remember her well. Of a much higher standard than those Court-mooron bunch.

Tegan said...

Thank you! Haha some people obviously don't get a joke when they see one. I know that Fleet Pond is a Pond for a reason.. Who is this? :)

Tegan said...

Oh sorry! All of the ones that aren't mine I just found on Google Images! Hope its OK

Anonymous said...

Haha clearly a young 'un ;)

1) Longing for the day you were old enough to get into the Country Club (which then became Route 66, Dakotas, and now the Heron On The Lake) - Fleet's local meat market long before Jaxx was conceived
2) The Skate Park - was located on the Merivale end of the Pitch & Putt when I was a nipper
11) Sadly now dead

But the rest, yep 100% ;)

Hollie Denyer said...

I thought it was pretty damn funny ! Well done Tegan made me laugh ! :) From my time in fleet when I was in school you got it all spot on !