Sunday, 17 May 2015

Being "Alternative" Doesn't Make You A Better Person

Hey there, sorry it's been about 12 million years.

So whenever things become a big trend, or popular, or just a mainsteam part of society, there's always a bunch of people who go against it to seem edgy and above other people.

And yeah, that's right, I'm looking at you, PARENTS.

I'm so sick of parents and generally older/superior feeling people saying stuff like "there's no hope for this generation" because girls are wearing lots of make up, because people are taking selfies, because people are listening to One Direction. Do you know what? Fuck off. This generation has no hope because of shitty politics, because of war, because of sexism, because policemen are shooting young black people for no reason - not because a girl put on a lot of foundation and a pair of short shorts and danced about to some chart music.

It's the same with people who slate selfie sticks. Get over yourself. You're not better than everyone just because you oppose something that's seemingly vain and hugely popular. I can see that they can get a bit ridiculous when you see people spending their entire holiday walking around taking pictures of themselves, and not the actual sights (my brother just got back from South America and saw a girl do the whole Inca trail taking selfies with llamas). But GODDAMNIT they are useful when there is a big group of you and you wanna get a good angle!! Or if your whole outfit is on point and you are feeling your look! As Kim K says, can I live?!


And don't get me started on people who think they're better than everyone else just because they like some edgy band and hate the charts. OK I'll admit, this used to be me. I was like eww pop music lol omg no haven't you heard of the Beatles!?!?!? I'm sorry for that.
I mean, if you don't like the charts and you prefer different music, that's great, that's totally cool. Good for you for going out and expanding your taste. But don't start sneering at people who wanna bust a move to Beyonce. It's just a preference, and it doesn't determine that person's character or beliefs. Just do you.

still kinda rude tho

A personal fave of mine are those pics that are like "women: what happened?" as if women have become these monstrous creatures that are committing terrible crimes.

Um okay, listen here buddywink!! This is what happened - women's liberation groups made it possible for women to be able to wear pretty much what they wanted, women were allowed to leave the fucking kitchen, women were allowed to take control of their sexuality. I mean yeah OK I have no idea who Snookie even is or why she's famous and I'm a big fan of Audrey Hepburn, but I would never put the two up against each other and be like "what has happened to the world" because, er, here's the catch - THINGS MOVE ON. Time is an inevitable concept.
File this one amongst the people who are like "I wish I could live in the 50s" but actually would self destruct without wifi (probably) and would live an extremely oppressed existence (here's looking at you ladies, and people of colour, and transgender people, and gay people..and... well anyone who isn't a straight cis white man).

What I'm trying to say is, take a step back before you judge other people and get all uppity about your disagreement with something popular. Instead of sneering at those who listen to chart music, how about you go on a night out with them, and see how much fun they are. Or engage in a discussion with them about politics. Or simply focus your anger on ACTUAL issues, going on in all the corners of the globe!!! And above all...just don't be a dick OK!

Tegan xo


Sophie Hack said...

Could not agree more! Someone said it fiiiiiiiiinally

Jessica said...

I agree that you shouldn't judge others. You should worry about yourself and not compare others to you or yourself to others.

Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

Jade said...

I love this- one of the things I hate the m o s t is why people feel the constant need to judge other people??? Also so true about the chart songs- someone was talking about their guilty pleasures and this girl went "mine is 90s hip hop" and I literally sat there like WOW you're cool wait no you're fucking annoying