Monday, 28 April 2014

10 Ridiculously Insignificant First World Problems

You've seen the pictures of the crying woman meme with the words 'I can't hear the TV over the sound of my snacks crunching', but I've recently come to notice some of the tiniest yet really irritating first world problems that occur in my day to day life.

1.) When you're doing the washing up, and you drop whatever you're washing into the bowl of disgusting, boiling hot water.

2.) Having to constantly deal with healthy people trying to tell you what's really inside McDonalds food. 

3.) When you buy stuff online and it's the wrong size.

4.) When you're wearing a really good outfit and then realise you're not actually going to be seeing anyone today, so it's a COMPLETE WASTE.

5.) When you sharpen your pencil really sharp and then it breaks as soon as you put it on the paper.

6.) When you really want to use a photo as your profile picture, but you don't like the person in it with you, and there's no way of cropping around it.

7.) When you wake up thinking your phone was charging all night but it wasn't.

8.) When you see someone in a photo with your friend and you really want to stalk them but they're not tagged.

9. Accidentally clicking on Internet Explorer and having to wait for the whole damn thing to load up before you can close it and go on your browser of choice

10. When you want to use your phone lying on your side and then everything TURNS

Anyone got any more good ones? xo

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amalie said...

hahah love this. so trueee x