Thursday, 3 October 2013

When Is It Flirting? (and my encounter with Alan Carr!)

First things first, something very exciting happened to me last night! I was strolling along Southbank with James after a romantic(??) meal, the night breeze, the twinkly lights in the trees, the river, and... an extremely loud voice. We both just looked at each other. 'Is that...?'
'Is that Alan Carr?!'
To the left, behind a massive gate, was in fact, Alan Carr. With a bunch of cool celeb mates, having a few drinks at the TV studios. We dithered by the gate for ages, wondering how to get his attention. We tried making out, pretending that I was crying and needed comforting, James even suggested I do a cartwheel, but in the end, I decided to write him a poem on the back of a movie ticket I had in my pocket. I called out to him and he came down in his snazzy purple suit, pretty drunk, and welled up at my poem. As soon as he'd read it out he was like "it's beautiful!" but then returned to his mates, blowing us kisses and telling us he loved us. What can I say, I'm clearly a born creative writer ;) At least I have an anecdote for my next seminar. And James got to meet one of his idols.

You definitely won't be thought of as flirty if you're doing this face
Anyway, back to the main thing I was gonna talk about. So everybody's starting university, or school, or college, or a new job, or whatever, and we're all gonna be meeting new people. In situations like mine especially, starting university, everyone is very sociable and out there to make friends. So when two people of the opposite sex start a 1-on-1 conversation, and you're both straight, when is it considered "flirting"? Last week, my friend went out and starting talking to a guy. Just a normal conversation. She has a boyfriend, so she wasn't being flirty in her opinion, just two people having a normal chat. But because he bought her a drink, someone told her that she was "leading him on" and flirting with him. Which begs the question, when does it become flirting? See I would say it becomes flirting when you are overly touching a person, or if you say things that suggest you have an interest in them that goes beyond friendship, like consistently pointing things out about their appearance that you find attractive. To be honest I have no idea. It's been so long since I've "flirted" I literally cannot even remember how you do it. HOW ARE YOU CRAZY KIDS DOING IT THESE DAYS? Seriously, let me know I'm intrigued. And please answer the main question: when does it become flirting?
Is it when you start touching them?
Is it when you say suggestive things?
Is it when they buy you a drink/you buy them a drink?
Is it WHEN 2 PEOPLE EVEN TALK TO EACH OTHER (in which case go home, you're wrong, a male and a female can talk for Christ's sake)

Leave me a comment and let me know cos I need to know!

Also - watch this video! I might do a post about it soon actually. AMERICA IS SO FUCKED I JUST CANT EVEN

Anyway remember to stay being awesome and let me know what flirting even IS THESE DAYS, love Tegan xo


Stephanie said...

That's amazing you met Alan Carr! Love that you gave him a poem too, so cool :) xx

Armed Withcamera said...

Aw nobody answered this then? I really wanted to find out the answer haha
I would say that if the 2 people don't know each other initially then touching them often/complimenting them on appearance is flirting. But the drink thing is fine.
Hope that helps you in your quest for an answer :P Or maybe you've found it by now, if so do tell me! :)