Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Over Hyping Of Freshers Week & How You Should Not Judge Others

So this is why I haven't written in a while (if anyone gives a shit lol) - I've been starting University, and it's great and everything, but it's not as "mental" as it's cracked up to be. Pretty much everyone I know has said they're having a good time but I mean Christ it's not like everyone's experiencing The Hangover 1 2 and 3 every bloody night of the week. So if you're at Uni and you're like "BUT I NEED TO TAKE LOADS OF PHOTOS AND SHOW EVERYONE I'M HAVING AN AMAZING TIME" don't worry I mean yeah take pics and stuff cos that's cool, but don't stress about it.

Everybody over-hypes Freshers to be this amazing week, and it's pretty cool yeah, but if you don't find yourself wandering back in the early hours of the morning with an array of stolen objects that you don't know how you acquired, rubbing your eyes and talking about how there wasn't quite enough cocaine at that party with various members of the Royal Family then that's OK cos most people are just bigging up whatever they're doing on whatever social network they're using, so don't worry about it. Like seriously if you cba to go clubbing, just get some people in your jammies, watch a movie, order some Dominoes, and it's a surefire ace night. And there's nothing wrong with that! I do think we need to stop comparing our lives to other people's portrayals on Facebook. Especially if it makes you feel left out cos you're not there - they're just showing you the good stuff! Wait til  we're all tweeting about 9am lectures and all the shit tons of work we have to do.

My second thing I want to talk about is judging. Everyone at uni, or indeed, college, school, or the workplace, has come from a different sort of friendship group, and might attach themselves or stay away from certain people. We all judge, we all do it. But recently I've taken the time to talk to people and get to know their personalities, instead of finding out one fact about them and then just writing them off, which is something that happened to me. I told some girl that I was joining cheerleading, and she said "oh, we can't be friends. Are you one of those.. cheerleader girls?" I was like well fuck you then you judgemental hoe. As an aside, CAN WE STOP JUDGING CHEERLEADERS PLEASE. No, we do NOT run about with pom-poms and sleeping with the team. Cheerleading is an actual fucking sport now. Come back to me when you can tumble across a floor, lift your leg over your head, and throw people in the air (not that I can do any of that, but hey, I'm not the one judging here).

Just enjoy yourself and don't stress about your social life. It's supposed to be fun, so just do whatever makes you happy, even if that isn't what everyone else is doing.


Furree Katt said...

I like the concluding statements on your blog and I think everyone needs to read that.

"oh, we can't be friends. Are you one of those.. cheerleader girls?"

^ UGH. I nearly died reading that. Why are people so ignorant?

Anonymous said...

Did you tell this person they were a hoe? Maybe they were joking? perhaps you should stop judging people at face value also...

Anonymous said...

To be honest anyone with a blog is an outright narcissist, but I especially enjoy being told what to, and what not to do for 5 minutes before being told to think for myself. A little less hypocrisy and a little more benevolence please!!