Thursday, 10 October 2013

Mate, Chill, I'm Not About To Burn My Bra

Right imma break this down for you all so listen up or w/e the eye equiv. is:

see she's not scary is she
  • Feminism isn't like a big scary thing its not even a big deal well I mean it is a big deal but being one isn't a big deal like if someone says they're a feminist then yeah that's chill I mean everyone should be really
  • We're not all lesbians
  • We're not ugly
  • We don't hate all men
  • Next time someone's like "why you a feminist" you gotta be like "why AREN'T you a feminist"
  • It's not just angry women who don't wear make up or bras and don't shave and stuff like those aren't rules you have to follow to be a feminist or anything
  • All you gotta do is RESPECT YO SELF
    yh baby
  • In fact it's not even just women, a lot of men are feminists too, unfortunately not all of them, and unfortunately not all women are either, and therein lies the issue, YOU FEEL ME
  • Cos its not like a fight against men its just a fight against people in general who don't view women in the right way, even other women who are like omg wtf why are you a feminist ewwww I mean guys are meant to slap my ass in the club right that's just like what guys do???
  • There are so many commonplace things in society today that people wouldn't even realise are just sexist like why you gotta put a half naked girl on all your posters homie
  • And why you gotta have sex with loads of women to prove yourself bro
  • And why you gotta praise people for having sex with loadsa women like that makes them some sort of god, and then call girls a slut for doing the same thing
  • And why you gotta be touching us up in the clubs I mean a convo is much better and nicer and will probably have a bigger success rate cos then you won't come off as a fuckin grabby ass squid man *thumbs up*
  • Yeah I'm a cheerleader but I'm also a feminist coz what I do with my body is my choice and it's your stupid ass brain's fault if you choose to over sexualise some legs
  • No we're not whiny bitches we just want you to stop treating us like objects and take rape more seriously and all will be cool yeah yeah awesome peace out :) :) :)


Polly Creed said...

Love this so much and 100% agree x

Xenia Klein said...


Armed Withcamera said...

Exactly! I try to explain this to people ALL THE TIME.
Just because I object to sexism and want equality doesn't make me some extreme feminist. I don't even like to call myself a feminist because people always think of the radicals. Urgh...