Saturday, 19 October 2013

That's An Interesting Choice Of Words For A T-Shirt...

So I'm sat watching my boyfriend James playing a tennis match, and I CANNOT focus because I am so distracted by his opponent's shirt!!! It says 'life is boring' on it, in some grungy post-modern font like OOH BRO AREN'T U UNCONVENTIONAL

But wtf life isn't boring, it's life, it's EVERYTHING, like it's such a stupid thing to put on a t-shirt, it's such a weird message to put out there I mean a) what were you thinking when you bought that and b) what were the designers thinking?! WHO THINKS THAT THAT IS OK LIKE WHO COMES UP WITH THAT IDEA??? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE AND WHY ARE THEY DESIGNING T SHIRTS??? And seriously who legit picks up a t shirt in a shop that says 'life is boring' on it and goes 'omg I love this top' and their friend is like 'yeah it's so cool you should get it' HAVE THEY READ IT!??!???!??

There's this weird fashion craze that's been going on for a while now, where people wear t shirts with random words like "geek", "nerd", and in fact I even saw one that said "BOYS" on it. Let me tell you something kids, if you're wearing a t shirt that says BOYS on it I am JUDGING YOU. WHY WOULD YOU WEAR A T SHIRT WITH A RANDOM WORD ON IT. Also, wearing a shirt with "geek" on does not make you a geek.

Not at all


Not even slightly

Maybe I'm just really weird but if I were to buy a t shirt with words on it, it would have to be a commitment like you are WALKING AROUND WITH THAT ON YOU, WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY TO THE WORLD?
I would feel so stupid wearing some top saying something like "I left my heart in Paris"
Well did you
Cos if your heart is still in Paris that sounds like a tricky operation that would 100% result in death U LIAR

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Anonymous said...

I loved this post so much I ended up (accidentally) getting my own blog just so I could comment. Can I just say:


The ones I particularly hate are the ones that say 'Awkward'. Except these are self-fulfilling at least because it is awkward when you meet someone with one of those on.

I showed this post to my friend Helen, who's in Berlin at the moment, and they're big into it in Germany (of course). Ones she's seen that have enraged her include 'reckless' and 'snob'. Snob?! Do you wear it if you are a snob or is it an ironic statement? I just don't know.

The worst t-shirt I saw? A picture of a grey kitten with pink sparkly bits on it and black glasses that had 'Geek' written over the top. WHAT?! What is that?!