Sunday, 3 November 2013

Why Ellen DeGeneres Is Basically The Coolest Person Ever

OK, I'll admit, I've never actually watched a full episode of the Ellen Show, but to be fair a) I don't have a TV right now and b) I don't live in America so I don't think they even show it on TV here. (BOO)
However, I saw a picture of the back of Ellen's book on Tumblr, and it looked hilarious:

Then I started watching more and more YouTube clips, and realised that Ellen is so awesome, for the following reasons:

1.) she's hilarious, without being crude. The perfect example to demonstrate that WOMEN CAN BE JUST AS FUNNY AS MEN.

2.) she's a role model for gay people. She promotes the idea that it's OK to be gay.

3.) she makes it seem like she's not a huge celebrity, she's just like us


4.) her book is awesome because it's not even an autobiography like I expected (not that I wouldn't love to know about her life) - on the third page she writes "so what would you like to hear about as my reader? Perhaps you might like to hear about some of the highlights that occurred throughout my life and career, but it's hard to know what highlights you would find exciting versus the highlights I find exciting". She then goes on to basically write a book that is about life in general, how to be happy, and the helpful things she has learned that can benefit US, not just rambling on about herself.

5.) she was DORY

 6.) she stands for the best things, she is such a good person, and she has the best advice

To sum up, Ellen is awesome, and to me she is the best role model around today. People should stop looking up to the normal, vain celebrities that don't do anything for anyone else and instead look up to Ellen cos she is such a good person, and she's hilarious. Also buy her book cos it's brilliant and your life will improve.

Tegan xo


Dale Janee said...

I just found your blog and you're totally right. I definitely think she's a role model and she's sooo funny too. I love how she dances in the beginning of her show too


Charlotte said...

Oh yessssss, I love Ellen, as well! She is so honest and cool and fun and special. Super great post! :)
About my blog layout, I actually made it myself by trying stuff out desperately :D But if you have a question on something you like especially, I could maybe help you :)

Sabrina said...

I totally agree. Everything she says is funny in a subtle or relatable way, and without being offensive. Who can argue with that!


Jessica said...

I think Ellen is awesome too! She is so funny and seems like such a great person.

Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

{ felicity } said...

Ellen is the epitome of amazing. I just love going on youtube and watching various videos from her show.

Thank you for what you said on my post, that was really cool of you.

All my love,