Saturday, 1 September 2012

no light no light

Here are some more disposable pics (WOO) from Reading festival! It was an amazing weekend filled with hilarious/controversial costumes, amazing live music, and campsite jollies. Oh and a large variety of junk food. Always a winner. I think my top 3 acts would be Florence and the Machine (mostly cos some guy let me go on his shoulders and I could actually bloody see for once), The Horrors (cos it's The Horrors and they're sexy and an awesome band) and TOY cos I was right at the front in a teeny tent and they were superb. So despite the grim toilets and not getting any sleep because your neighbours wont shut up about 'japanese asshole',  it was a brilliant weekend.

Plus my friend totally got some action in a Buzz Lightyear costume, so you know, there's that.



Gab Mesina said...

these pictures are so tumblr and weheartit-worthy! and ahhh so jelly you got to go to the Reading festival

kathy said...

Fantastic photos!
Looks like it was a fantastic festival :)