Monday, 27 August 2012

walk on into the night

I found a solution to my camera problem - disposable cameras! Quite pricey though, but I think it looks quite cool. Also, the video is my summer video that I made to basically sum up my summer to the tune of Still Life by The Horrors. Hope you enjoy :) sorry my blog's been so wishy washy recently! It's this camera thing! But I'm trying guys!
™ - xo


Gabriella. said...

waaaaaaaaaah awesome video !

Lewis Shaw said...

"This blog is *wishy-washy* and you should feel *wishy-washy*!"

*throws Persil tablets*


Leanne said...

Loooove these photos :). I had some fun with a disposable camera not too long ago as well; they're awesome. Ps, evidently I'm trying to start blogging again, haha.

Gab Mesina said...

tempting me to buy a disposable camera huhu