Monday, 10 September 2012

Give Kristen a Chance!

OK, just gonna say this now - I like Kristen Stewart.
At first, I did not. At first I was like 'ugh she's just a grumpy Twilight actor, ew' but then I watched The Runaways where she plays Joan Jett, and realised that she isn't, at all. She was also in (to name just a couple) Welcome to the Rileys and On the Road, which is out next month and I am very excited about. On the Road could not be any more different to Twilight, I'm pretty sure the only similarity they share is that they are both based on books. Twilight is a shockingly crap love story of a vampire who sparkles for no reason, a wolf who can't resist getting topless cos he's egotistic as fuck, and a girl who seems like she's basically on her period all the time. On the Road is a semi-autobiographical account of the early 1950's beginning of the 'Beat Generation' and the escapism of just hitting the road and not knowing what you'll find, but loving the journey and 'digging' every new experience. 

She actually read the book when she was 16, so she's not just like 'ooh I'll look cool in this movie', she genuinely does have awesome taste. And people say she's 'grumpy' or whatever. Well that's probably because the only time the vast majority of people have seen her at a public event was at some Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards where she's nominated for 'Best Kiss' or some Twilight award that she doesn't really wanna be there for, cos let's be honest she has cooler stuff to do and better ways to spend her time. And she smiled loads at the On the Road premiere, just saying. She was luvin life 2k12, cos she was somewhere she wanted to be, celebrating something she cares about. OK this might not even be true, this is just how I see things.

"But she cheated on Robert Pattinson! OMFGbitchhhhhh!!111!!xoX" I hear you say. Well, I would first like to address this by saying who actually gives a shit? I mean, every day thousands of people cheat on their partners, but everybody stays out of it and leaves them to it. But now because it's "Bella and Edward" it's suddenly a fucking crime punishable by death. OK, people need to chill the fuck out. They are normal people, they are not their characters. HE DOESN'T GENUINELY SAVE HER LIFE ALL THE TIME or whatever Edward does. I know it's mostly 12 year old girls who are freaking out because for some deluded reason they think that Robert Pattinson actually knows who they are and that they have a chance with him, but still. People need to get the fuck over it. Cos it happens every day. And I'm not saying that what she did was right, but she knows she was wrong and if she was anyone else (except maybe, like, the Queen) everybody would leave them to it to it sort it out on their own. OK, so maybe they don't get back together, maybe they do. Whatever. It's their decision. Chill out and don't hate her for it. SHE'S AN ACTRESS: judge her by her acting, not her personal life. 

I don't know, sorry to rant, it's just that to me she seems like such a genuine person. She does things wrong, she screws things up, and she's not exactly classy, which are all things I can definitely relate to. She wears trainers on the red carpet. The words 'dude', 'like' and 'man' frequent most of her sentences. She hates having fame, she just wants to do something she loves, fame's just a side effect. So let her love her job, people, let her love it. 

On the Road is out 12th October so go watch it KAY! But only if you're cool enough to have just read all of that...

Wooooo OK I'm done, time to read Sense and Sensibility, haha.

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RainboRevolver said...

I couldn't agree more. I had thought that she was a shallow actress, but I realized after seeing Snow White that the real problem was that Bella was a shallow character. Kristen is gorgeous and fairly talented. I am definitely a reformed hater :3

Ellenor said...

couldn't have put it in any better way!
i really like kristen stewart, have you seen her in adventure land? i love her in that!

sophieal said...

i didn't love kristen that much, i started to feel bad about all the hate she gets though, i have the same face where i always look moody so i can kinda relate, and thought i shouldn't judge. i completely see your point about her just wanting to enjoy her job without the fame. makes me like her more!
i watched the trailers of all the movies you mentioned with her in and i really want to watch them! welcome to the rileys looks so good.

Isabel said...

Thank you, Tegan! Somone had to say it out loud!!

I absolutely agree with you. She's a wonderful an talented actress and just because some freaky teenies don't understand that she is NOT Bella and Robert is NOT Edward, they sadly judge her to hell... I hope that this "scandal" will not ruin her career.


Charlotte said...

Wooow, you are the first person I know who likes Kristen, as well! I love her, I think she is a great actress even though as Bella she often seems to be rather weird. But indeed I love her other films :) Great text, Tegan, I totally agree <3