Saturday, 17 July 2010

an excuse for my recent absence

hey guys!

i'm sorry i've been absent recently from the blogosphere,
yeah I was in Greece, soooo, NO INTERNET and A LOT OF SUN.

basically, it was our friend Mark's wedding, and his new wife, Kat, is Greek, so we went to Skiathos for the wedding :)

chillin' at the cocktail bar, Boa Vida, after the wedding 

Partying it up the night before the wedding (OH DEAR, yes, that's my PARTAY FACE)

The streets were so beautiful...

And we had a pool at our AMAZING VILLA, which we spent a lot of time jumping into, or just chilling next to

We had an awesome view of Skiathos town from our villa (this isn't the best pic of it though... it was more beautiful at night too)

Oh, and I got hit on by a 40 year old waiter.

Holga pics shall be up soon! :)


Sarah said...

Greece sounds amazing! You're so lucky to live in Europe!

Barb said...

nice photos!
sounds fun