Saturday, 5 June 2010


got my holga pics developed today :) I swear I took waaayy more than that, they obviously didn't work or something :S 

anyway, these are the best ones:

 haha, basically, my friends came round a week ago and we took loads of pics with the Holga... but I forgot to turn the dial between each pic, so they're all superimposed upon one another! which I guess looks kinda cool...

the next batch will be better, I promise! as soon as I'm ungrounded, I'll be snapping up some coolbeans ones :D

also got some 17 nail polish, in this new colour kind of a minty blue :)
ciao ciao


catherine. said...

am loving the blue nail polish and wacky photos :)

*claps for not having to type in weird words*

Bella said...

that big ben one is fantastic! :) x

fayeee said...

not been on blogger fr ages
which means I've not been on your awesome blog for ages either :O
You have a holga
jealouss muchh?!
I want one and have been meaning to get one but isn;t the film very expensive?
Looks it in urban outfitters anyway!
Keep on the coolness
if you remember me that is...


Kiki said...

Teeeeeeeeeeegannnnn! Just like Faye I'm now back from my ridiculously long blog break. So so happy to be reading TOT again, yay!

So jealous of your Holga. Your first set of photos seem to have turned out amazingly! x

les jeune fille à les oiseaux said...

that superimposed look really does look amazing!

Barbara Frankie said...

the second photo is soo chill!
awesome results xx