Thursday, 3 June 2010


I am officially grounded
I went up to London and sort of didn't tell my parents.. oops.
I wouldn't mind if I lived in a house like that ^^
But I don't.
Oh well, at least I used up all the film on my Holga, taking London-y snaps :) getting them developed today, as I have to go out anyway, to Basingstoke for my Work Experience interview. 

This is what I'm wearing;

Haha, that's a bit of a random pose!!
Wish me luck! xxx


Ninnu said...

I have never been grounded :D Have fun ;)

Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Haha, enjoy being grounded. It sucksssss! But 'eyy! London would've been awesome! ♥

Meleonieeee - ♥ said...

Btw, how did you do your header? It looks amazing!