Sunday, 2 May 2010

a question for all of you cool kids!

kay, so my birthday is coming up (hip hip hooray!)
and I want like a Holga/Diana camera, possibly. Not sure. Some sort of groovy camera. I know that people who read my blog are the coolest of kids, so obviously your opinion really does matter! I found the one above on Urban Outfitters, it was kinda the only one I like (as well as the plain white one, but cousin has that one :/) sooo... if you know any cool websites where I can get cheap film, or an even cooler camera possibly (because my other camera is green so its like OVERLOAD) LEAVE ME A COMMENT :)


Anonymous said...

I really love how it looks like
but tbh, I have no idea how it takes pictures, because I dont know much about such sort cameras...
But it would be a pretty sick bday present yeh. :D

Ruby said...

ahh I really want one aswell because the pictures they take look really dreammy :)
And also in the summer they take nice photos
well from the pictures i've seen...

sabine cara said...

yeah I love the camera! It's very very cute

I don't know much about the actual quality though.

happy early birthday!

xx scarzz

Bella said...

get the diana, my friend has one (lucy bitch) and it takes gorgeous pictures :) she has a fish eye lens too which is epic.
you can probs get it cheap(er) on ebay (: xxx