Sunday, 2 May 2010

one of the funniest days of my life, and ... ikea.

took this picture last week.  Yes. I TOOK THIS PICTURE ^
Woah, sorry to unleash the Caps on you guys.
yesterday was so hilarious just because of the whole series of events that happened.
and today I went to IKEA. yes IKEA. It's so amazing. I ate the meatballs, and the Daim cake and we got given this wierd Swedish drink and we went a bit crazy... 
if you haven't watched Ikea the Musical yet, then DO SO because I made it with Erin last year and it's amazing ;)


Anonymous said...

I love ikea too.
the shit thing is, everytime I go there, I spend so much money!
my boyfriend also goes there only just to have dinner :"D

Ninnu said...

Ikea meatballs are legend! I love them. You just can't go to Ikea without eating them :D