Tuesday, 4 May 2010


hahaha doesn't this little bubble dude just put a smile on  your face?? ^

Anyway thanks to peeps who commented about the Diana camera, I really wanna get it now for my birthday! Another quick question though - do any high street shops sell the film, or do you have to keep buying it online? OK now I'm just being lazy, I can totally look that up myself.

today I didn't go to school because I was feeling really rubbish, bad head, neck, kinda dizzy, and I guess there's family stuff kicking me down, too. But I like Wednesdays, and am feeling better now so I'm going in tomorrow - yay for education! :D

no, Tegan.

apparently my Mum's friend Sarah and her friends are getting quite amused with my expressions such as "epic" and "it's raining on my face"... so wooooooo, I'm glad I'm making an impact?  HI GUYS AT THE FLEECE STATION!  You rock! :D


Anonymous said...

umm my template is the denim one of the middle top one...
it sounds a bit vague, but I think you can find it when you look at templates!


lauren carney said...

your blog is just delightful,
and i love the pretty imagery in each post.
tis quite uplifting!
thank-you so much for sharing your loveliness with the world!
have fun being wonderful!
x x

Sarah said...

Hi, Tegan! You have made our lives at the Fleece Station so much more EPIC by gracing us with your presence! XD Do come back so our Epic Metre doesn't start falling!

Sending lots of love, hope things get better soon with your dad. *Hugs*