Friday, 5 March 2010


Today was a good day. All day, we had this conference about Fairtrade. It was less of a conference and more of a... workshop? This guy flew all the way from India to talk to us, and he provided  us with an awesome quote:

"Instead of giving him a fish to feed him for a day, we taught him how to fish to feed him for a lifetime".

We then got given a Fairtrade product - we got like the hardest product, lol. NUTS. We made a hasty Powerpoint and poster, then we had to do a presentation. Literally minutes beforehand, a teacher came up to us, and asked if we had a sob story. So we made up one about Baba the nut farmer! Oh well, nobody realised! Then we had a debate on  how we could promote Fairtrade.

EVERYBODY SWITCH TO FAIRTRADE WHEN THEY DO THEIR FOOD SHOP! Because, yeah, it's a leeetle bit more expensive - but so so sooo worth it! You're changing and saving lives here people! Did you know they sell flowers too? Mothers Day round the corner!

oh yeah, then I went to Starbucks.

ciao ciao


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