Sunday, 7 March 2010

review of alice in wonderland

well, everywhere, people have been saying that the new Alice in Wonderland movie is amazing.

YES it is good. YES the 3D was reallllyy cool. But, before you watch it, bear in mind that it is less Alice in Wonderland and more Alice Through The Looking Glass. So, it's less bright and cheery and that. Plus the plot is more action-y. It didn't really feel much like Tim Burton either... or maybe that's just me? Plus a better lead role would be better. Mia Wasikowsa was good, but mmmm maybe not as much emotion? But still a good film, the creatures were great, and the costume :) Well it was still awesome, still a really good film, I was probably just expecting more! But go see it, go see it. Maybe it's one of those films you need to watch twice and THEN  you lovelovelove it.


ciao ciao -™

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Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

Cool-I think I am going to see it I thought Mia Washikowsa shoot in teenVogue was really pretty but that is all I know about her.

From Dolly