Wednesday, 10 February 2010

tegan goes crazy somewhat

wednesdays are usually STIR FRY NIGHT but I'm saving it for when Pops gets home from Munich. Well that's interesting, isn't it? er, no. thanks for all the comments keep 'em coming! as said by my friend kam "ginger hair is sexy!" YEAHHH! today was pretty good. lunch was frikkin' awkward. erin was basically telling this girl how she feels and then it all escalated and now it is time for all of you to head on down to her blog and tell her that she's lovely and comfort her! :D

did I mention that? yeah quite a lot, sorry. anyway there was supposed to be "heavy snow" today. well you know what? I LAUGH IN THE FACE OF THE MET OFFICE! "heavy snow" ?!?!?! what are they even ON?! It was more like someone got some icing sugar and sort of sprinkled it around a bit but then gave up because it didn't look very nice.

er, i should really do something useful like french homework and such right now. BUT I WON'T! HAAAAA!

leave me a comment to say hello because even if i don't reply to you, i will still read it and be like YEEEAAHHH I KNOW WHAT THEY MEAN or YEAH they are an awesome dude!! i think i've gone a bit crazy in my head, even though i have a totally serious expression on my face. maybe it's because of my jab i had today (BRA EXPOSE-AGE MUCH!!) - it didn't hurt but i said that it did ;D CHEEEEEKKKYYYY!!!

ciao ciao -™

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