Thursday, 11 February 2010

omg look what me and erin found at the charity shop for £3.99...

YEAH I KNOW! amazing. people really should go into charity shops more often, it's for a good cause as well. tomorrow is a special day I can't remember the name of it, but you write 'love' on your arms and then it promotes some sort of charity about suicide and depression and shizzle. had photography first, it's sort of going downhill cos i seem to not be able to do anything right. my teacher made me rip all my work off my sugar paper and re-do it because the text wasn't in squares. she even used my work as an example to the class of "what work shouldn't be like." we're doing fitness in PE. it was actually pretty fun. bit less beef at lunch. ;D


ciao ciao -™

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Leanne said...

Telllllllllllll me you bought those YSL jeans (or whatever they are). Lucky find, sheesh! :)