Tuesday, 9 February 2010

come on guysies!

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so today is tuesday (boohissboo). erin made my day when i came home from school and saw this quote on her blog : "a child without freckles is like a sky without stars". which sort of fit today. because i had like three discussions about people discrimating against redheads/gingers whatever. people, get over it, it's a hair colour. it really does anger me, people who are THAT immature that they feel they should discriminate against a frikkin hair colour and turn into something "ugly"!
ANYWAY!! rant over!!

It's expected to snow soon, AHHHH! Not good! Flight on Sunday, it CANNOT be cancelled! Oh yeah, I got a FORMSPRING, ask me questions pleeeeease. ;D

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ciao ciao -™


Sofie Marie said...

Yay,gingers fight back!It is incredibly stupid to discriminate about something that can't even be helped. How I see it is that is there were tons of gingers,blondes ect but a minority of brunnettes...people would tease the brunnettes.Its only the fact of being different that means bullying.
Sofie ^^

Sarah said...

Awwwuh I love ginger hair!

Gorgeous pic!! xx

Kiki said...

I love gingers! They actually get extra hugs and smiles from me :)

Hope you're having a lovely day x

Ninnu said...

I like gingers too :) I think it's nice to look different than others. Maybe that's why almost everyone in my school changes the colour of their hair.