Sunday, 7 February 2010

hey hey guysies! bit of a late post, but whatevz you guys shall live on! woah... what the hell am I on about? anyway, I just got back from the DVD viewing night of the panto I was recently in. It was so much fun, I ate sooo much popcorn...woops! Had a really unhealthy weekend! Anyway I now miss all of these people ALL OVER again! Above is my "husband" haha he is like a playa, and then my friend melie, and then MOI ;D This was a pretty good shot if i do say so myself - very ravey!

i've been wanting to submit something to PostSecret for a while now. but i don't know what to send. hmmm. ciao ciao -™


Ninnu said...

I love postsecret! Whenever I'm feeling sad and everything seems to be so wrong, I read those secrets and they make me happy :)

Leanne said...

Hahahahahhaa, I ate SO much this weekend. It was not good. But that looks like a fun time :).