Tuesday, 2 February 2010


oh blimey o'reilley's trousers.
well i'll get that to that bit.
today started with maths (fell asleep) then english, where there was a room change, meh. then double history, kam and i had a nice little spy on a man who lives across the way haha. miss jones does NOT like her bin being stolen, we found out. we're doing our ISAs in science (in school assessments) which i guess are kinda easy but hey ho. and then photography KOFEJWIFYEHF HENUJFY3WEF3EWHIHFIWEHFJWEJFNFFGFFFFF. that's how i felt in that lesson. seriously. it was all going well until the teacher went on my initial shots folder, and it was PROJECTED TO THE WHOLE ENTIRE CLASS, ALL MY CRAPPPPPASSS INITIAL SHOTS and was like "no i dont like that one nope nope tegan i need some good pictures". i was like ok fine criticism but she showed the whole class, i thought people knew better than that. the school is watching on facebook, too. we're not allowed to do naughty things. whatever. as long as they don't read my blog.

after school i was supposed to be going to street dance but we couldn't find anyone so i went back to sophie's and we made failed biscuits and such. then i came home and we had some people over. they have 7 year old twins, a boy and a girl. the girl can lick her elbow. she is also in love with me. she kept clinging onto me, and saying how much she wanted make up and stuff. on the plus side i found some veet in the bathroom cupboard. i am ready for FLO RIDDDAAA!!!

going on any holidays soon? where would your ideal holiday be?

ciao ciao -™


Kiki said...

Okay maybe it's different for me in America, but isn't it illegal for the school to look at your facebook? What you do on there and outside of school is none of their business..

Yeah I don't have a holiday until April. Totes jealous of your Florida trip. My ideal holiday would be to Prague Denmark (since it's my heritage) in the summer. Hooray. Hope you're having a good week x

Ninnu said...

Two weeks and then starts my week holiday. Going to Stockholm :)

Tez said...

How's the street dance going?