Wednesday, 3 February 2010

hello people of the wide wide world we call the internet! wednesdays are usually pretty awkward for me and erin, but it things changed today - wahoo! anyway. DOUBLE PHYSICS to start things off ugghhhhuhghghhgghghg. then after the much anticipated break, maths. oh it was all going uphill. *heavy sarcasm* then, we swapped from Philosophy and Ethics to PACE (Personal And Citizenship Education). Phew! Basically Philosophy and Ethics was really awkward for me and erin because of something really stupid that we did. now, we don't have to worry. well my teacher did happen to put us into two different classes but whatevz.

at lunch we had DEBATES!!
we all just debated about abortion, marriages, and funerals. one of my friends is very traditional. she believes in marriage, but disagrees with abortion. then my other friend disagrees completely with marriage and funerals.

... dare i ask - what are your views?

then after lunch, DRAAAAMMAAAAA. :D We showed our performance of the Strike Scene to the people who were on Calshot. Noice. Then French. we doodled on whiteboards. then after school sarah and i went up town with His Lordship (my dog) and got a Domino's and then we shared our love for STEPHEN FRY, what an absolute legend. ciao ciao -™

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