Monday, 1 February 2010

well. he's gone.


just got back from the airport. wierdly enough, nobody cried. well my mum probably did on the way back, haha. and now theo's making his journey.. so anyway MONDAY ew. english-science-double french-history-maths. which isn't too bad i guess. i'm getting eileen some jonas brothers shizz from walmart when i go to florida.. omg, less than a week! aaaaggh! the airport got me totally excited. i bought some vitaminwater. and a nice pen. anyway then it was science. ERIN IS BACK from calshot people! so i had a nice lesson with her and jess, yes, JESS i am MENTIONING YOU crazy bitch! it's emily's birthday today, she opened her lovely presents. jess gave her the funniest card, on it it said :

I'm so excited, I could pee myself!

LOLZ it actually said that on the front. lord knows where she got it from. then french - urggh stomach ache, but some lols. and then history - the usual bantz. you know when you can't tell a story because you keep laughing? well i had that. in front of the whole class. it wasn't even that funny. and then MATHS to end things. i sort of slept.

what's your least fave lesson? and if you're not in school, what WAS your least fave?
ciao ciao -™


the girl with the satchel said...

well hello there miss Tegan, lols that card was freakin awesome, wowzer I want to make cakes like that we could try on saturday morning!! xxx

Barb. said...

love - arts, literature, philosophy...
hate - math, physics, biology...


Ninnu said...

I hate Swedish, chemistry (but I don't have to study it next year anymore, thank god), biology and health education.

Leanne said...

Maaaaaath is the worst/most boring for me. Thank goodness I just finished it last week.