Sunday, 17 January 2010

sunny day

omg, do you see what I see? SUNSHINE! blue sky and everything! the snow is nearly all gone! mwahahahahhaaaaaa! today is another day of revision ... I NEED A STARBUCKS!! But there won't be any of that because I've lost my phone. Like, not 'it's somewhere in my room' as in, I'm pretty sure I dropped it on the pavement under three inches of snow. :( And my parents won't let me go out without a phone so NOOOOOOO....! Well, I do have my old old phone but I need a sim card.

been doing the old cleansing & toning thing. I've been in all weekend, and thus have not worn any make-up, which is good for my skin. I'm trying anything these days, anyone got any good tips for bad spottage? -ciao ciao ™

P.S: I'm still in pyjamas. I thought you should all know.


FemmeLaMode said...

Aaah the sunshine made me happy when I woke up this morning too! no more nasty ice to slip on! :D
These are great spot treaments -
They're a little pricey but they really work!

Good luck with your exams

Kiki said...

Make a banana honey facemask! 1/2 banana + 1/2 tablespoon honey, put on face for 10 minutes. It feels sooo nice and always makes my skin feel less splotchy :]

Enjoy the rest of your weekend love x

Bella said...

I use toothpaste on my spots (how quaint) or proactiv :) xxx

Leanne said...

Proactiv's great... and I use Aloe Vera all the time :). And I wish our snow was gone, sigh.