Sunday, 17 January 2010

award ;]

oooh, this is the second one of these I've got! That brings my total to 5 awards ever :) Haha, massive thanks to Stylish Thinking for this award :) Now I'm supposed to say seven things about myself...God, I'm running out of ideas for this!!

1.)I eat the whole pear. (Except for the stalk, duh.)
2.)My unlucky number was 4, because bad things happened to me when I was 4. Well, I fell in the River Thames and got the top of my finger chopped off. Nice.
3.)I have horrible spots
4.)I blog too much (well you guys know that)
5.) peanut butter mixed with jam/nutella?? It's goood!
6.)I'm a Starbucks addict
7.)My dog likes Classic FM.

and now, seven bloggers I enjoy reading that deserve this extremely prestigious award... :D

Kendra at Stolen Inspiration
Erin at Erin's Tea Party (now I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't tag her..)
Ditto for Sophie at Sophie's Bakery
Marie and Zoe at Marie et Zoe
Madi Rose at Short Shorts and Sunshine
Is it Faye? Well Faye at Gibface
Kristiana at Blonde Poison


ciao ciao -™


Madi Rose said...

bah thank you so much! your awesome!

Marine said...

ooooh my god. thank you sooo much <3 <3 <3

Marine : another fucking fashionista / marie et zoe

Celeste said...

i just found your blog through madi rose's and i'm so glad! i love your photos

Froso said...

I loved those facts about you, most of them were funny!

pearl. said...

ooh the whole pear eh?
you should have a talk to my friend who eats whole kiwi fruits :)
Pearl xo

English Rose ♥ said...

Congrats dearest - well deserved!!

thanks so much for your lovely comment, i'm so glad you enjoyed reading it as much I as I enjoyed writing it

Stay safe and chic darling,
English Rose x