Monday, 18 January 2010

racing the chicken and the egg to see which came first.

...yeah I actually did that today. but why don't we go through in chronological order. woke up. ate breakfast in my room (TOASTER YEAHH). panicked about missing the bus. almost got a taxi. got the bus. went to the gym for an exam. got told i was actually in the maths block. sat an exam. went to science. touched erin somewhat. (LOL) went to french. photographed highlighters. shared my views on school uniform. ate 2 biscuits. raced a chicken and an egg (the egg won i think). laughed a lot about random crap. watched a really wierd video about jack the ripper. had a staring competition. got the bus. walked home with kam. said yo the ma. tried to make a favicon for my blog. failed. played with the dog. drank tea.

and here we are ... :)
found a groovy new photographer, David Urbanke. And he's only a year older than me...
ciao ciao -™


Sofie Marie said...

Haha...that amused sounds fun for you!

Sarah said...

Sounds like fun! That Urbanke kid is amazing-- And he's a year younger than me! :O

the girl with the satchel said...

well yes you did touch me somewhat and I somewhat touched you back lols xxx

pearl. said...

Ahh yes David Urbanke. He is just wonderful!
You sound like you had an amusing day :)
Makes me not too anxious to go back to school!
Pearl xo