Tuesday, 19 January 2010

bonjour - today is tuesday. the week is going to slowwwly! hmm, i might do what i did for yesterdays post. here we go... got the bus. went to form. saw a hilarious picture of a cat and a dog. focused in maths! watched more of the 'jack the ripper' video which was gruesome but has a hilarious commentator. discussed holidays. discussed holidays some more. came to a conclusion? walked in circles all around the school. ripped my photography final piece. panicked. didn't care - it wasn't that bad. gave the evils. got the bus. ate cookies. played with rufus. watched '8 simple rules'.

omg, i am loving 'glee' i haven't seen many episodes but it's awesome, I love the gay guy, who gets all the footballer jock guys to do 'single ladies' haha! seriously watch it! might watch some now actually. then do some revision OF COURSE. :D (got an exam tomorrow, eeeeep...)

LOL "take these"
"I don't menstruate"
"yeah. neither do i."

camaaaan, any of you watch it (and therefore understand that?) also, go on down to Erin's Tea Party, and check out her blog, because she just did an interview with Daisy Dares You, this awesome singer with wonderful videos! youtube her! oh and also don't forget to check out Pretty Pictures - the best parts of the much loved site 'we heart it' but without naked people! yay! ciao ciao -™


Ninnu said...

The first picture is amazing! I have wanted a nice and old bike a while now, but haven't found the right one yet. I want to see Glee also, but it's not in Finlands TV yet, and I'm sure I have to wait till that happens :) Good luck to your exam!

Madi Rose said...

everyone is talking about gleeee. wowie. im going to have to watch it!

Sarah said...

Glee Glee Glee Glee!!! Haha it's one of the only shows I watch on TV, and yes, it is TOTALLY amazing!!!

fayeee said...

urgh tbh glee isn't for me
i watched the first episode and i din't like it at alll :O