Saturday, 16 January 2010

600ºC and a nickel catalyst ;)

sorry that was a bit of a depressing post earlier... >.< today has been one of those days where you lounge in your trackies, chilling with no make up on.. ay.

i've been revising. and napping. but i'm still worried about the exam, i know everything in the books, but none of it seems to relate to questions that are asked of me? why can't the questions be like 'what does it say on page 62' or something? :D
tonight I'm having Christmas Dinner Mark Deux, because Maman couldn't taste the last one, so she decided we're gonna have a second one now that her taste is back haha. ciao ciao ™ (and remember to check out Pretty Pictures 'cos it's sexy)


Leanne said...

Ahhhh, I'm studying too right now! I'm brutal at it, I get distracted too easily... even though I "quit" Facebook until after exams. I've been eating, watching Clueless on TV, and on Blogger. But at least I'm making progress.
Good luck with your exams! :)

adri. said...

i swear, tests are all rigged! teachers tell you to study one thing, and the test is completely different. ahh, the joys of school! haha. good luck!

fayeee said...

dont panic
trust me i had all these exams last year and just remember that you can only do your best then you will have no regrets ;)

Madi Rose said...

i looove the tights with the dots on them!
im obsessed with tights haha.

Sarah said...

good luck on your tests! Mine start next week but I'm super stressed out. Keep studying and don't get too stressed out. Good nights sleep before an exam is 100x better than staying up late and studying--what I've learned through experience.

Ninnu said...

We don't have any exams yet. But when we do, there's about four or five in one week.. Good luck! :)