Saturday, 16 January 2010

financial -.-

i just got back from ice skating... meh. in the car on the way back mum was talking about how i have to be better at budgeting and stuff. but it's really hard because i can't even remember the last time i bought something for myself, and i still screw up? it's so difficult, because my friends always wanna go shopping and stuff but it's alright for them 'cos their parents just give them money to go out, but i have to use my allowance. especially this month, i have 5 birthday presents to buy, and i've already got 2 of them with money i got for christmas that was supposed to be for me. and now i'm scared to buy something that's (GOD FORBID) for ME, because mum was going on about how it's so consumerist, just buying stuff 'cos we want it, when we don't really need it. i see her point but COME ON i haven't got new clothes since like october, you get bored of the same old stuff, and nowadays we get more of the old 'you can't wear the same thing twice' sort of thing.

i wish people would understand.

ciao ciao -™


Silverbeige said...
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Silverbeige said...

Absolutely understand u! I also grew up in conservative sorroundings and with these stepts your parents won't achieve what they would like to. I think. They do not let u to learn the Life's lesson on your own, they just controll u. ....and probably u will have the chance for it at a later time when u will work and earn money on your own.
YOU_ have to be clever to reach the things that u really want and emotionally staying out in these situation. Stay calm and be clever! &;))))

I hope u do not feel with my comment as if I would like to teach u, it was just my experience when I was a teenager.Hope it helps u.
Have a nice weekend Tegan and my regards from Hungary.

Kiki said...

I sympathize completely Tegan. My family isn't well off so I don't just get spending money given to me. I have to either use my birthday/holiday money or my allowance if I want to buy anything. I know it seems like your mum is nagging you now, sometimes I feel like mine is doing the same! But I bet she's just trying to prepare you for living on your own when you don't have parents to turn to if you get into $ troubles.

I'm sorry if this comment comes off as preachy, just sharing my thoughts :] x

-A said...

Oh I know exactly how you feel. I think you should try and split your money - don't give up every penny of your money if you need to buy presents! Put aside a certain amount for you then use the rest, and I'm sure that will help you save up for something fabulous!

Love your blog, I'm following you. Check out mine?!

-A xoxo