Thursday, 28 January 2010

sitting in the kitchen. theo is rapping. and playing with rufus. it's quite entertaining, he's just repeating "i'm gonna catch you" overandoverandoverandover again. today is thursday, and that means DOUBLE PHOTOGRAPHY, DOUBLE PE, ENGLISH, and SCIENCE. OMG HE'S STILL GOING!! Jeeees, that is fitness! THEO, STOP!
So yeah Double Photography. I left Sophie another lovely little note. And then the lesson was interrupted because.. (he's still going people)... I had to go to the orthodontist. (he's stopped, hahahahaha he just went "fine. i didn't even want to get you.") and great news! my braces are coming off in six weeks! YES!

I then came back to school, went to the PE changing rooms, changed alone (which was really wierd. all my friends clothes and stuff were there. and there was just me... anyway.) and ran to PE, Badminton, AGAIN! :D Sophie was talking to this guy that I'm good friends with to see if he likes me. It was really wierd. then in the afternoon we did this Recycling thing. We thought it was gonna be like fun activites and stuff, but it was this woman talking at us, and a DVD. Well it was good I guess, I mean, come on you GOTTA SAVE THE WORLD :)

What did you guys do today? I want a report!!

ciao ciao -™


Sarah said...

Haha awkward conversations with guys? Love those! Recycling power w00t!!

omfg-vivian said...

LOLOL! cute post. i love school days (Y)

umm today i had PLG, english, SOSE and lots of chilling in between. then after school i went to hungry jacks & officeworks with my friendddd HAHA. Xo

sooo good to come back online and get a catch up of your blog :)