Friday, 29 January 2010

omgomgomg. they sell fifi lapin shirts at pac sun! and guess where i'm going in florida? pac sun! i cannot WAAIIITT! i've always wanted a fifi tee.. :D

er, anyway. friday today - yessss. that means...english, science, double drama, maths, functional skills. in english mrs hooper was sitting at the back randomly. i then found out at break that the senior leadership team are "shadowing" me, like they follow me around so they can watch my teachers. freaky shizzle. double drama was so awesome! i'm eva smith so i'm like a main character. yeah bwoi. it's so much fun, we all work together as a class. :) at lunch we had a nice little chat with the Year Sevens. Cos basically, one of them looks like "Olivia" from The City or something, and then we got to know all her maties, and then all these "hard guy" year sevens came in! But anyway that "Olivia" knows my friend Helen, and one of them is the little sis of this girl in our year! such a small world! but yeah "Olivia" was showing us her sign language, all rather shizz and crumpets. and sophie was trying to give away zara's manky sandwiches. she even went to one girl, "come on, you like sandwiches! i can tell" but luckily i don't think she heard :S

functional skills (basically I.T) was reeeally boring. i was sitting alone. i spent mosty of my time watching viki and giulia playing on online games. woop. then mike got the bus with me and kam :D

OHMYLORDYPOOPS. I just found out my headteacher has BANNED colourful underwear. What?!?! ciao ciao -™


Sarah said...

banning...colorful underwear? Whatt? I hope you have funsies in Flo Rida! I still haven't been there yett.....

Bella said...

banning colourful underwear??? I dont want to think how they will regulate that :s xxx

fayeee said...

when do they even see your unerwear?!
i remember in primery school we got told we have to wear navy underwear :") i was like wtf,
i love your day to day stories
its likeeee a book :)