Wednesday, 27 January 2010

i miss you

i was reading erin's blog and realised how much i miss her already. she's gone for a week, man. a week. stupid calshot.

today i had DOUBLE PHYSICS and I actually had the notes, woop. jess and i are having a race. whoever has the longest fingernail by the end of two weeks wins. she's winning. damn her. we sort of go a bit crazy in science, without erin. i also had drama today. we're doing a mini performance of Inspector Calls to the people who are on Calshot. I'm Eva Smith, who's like, a main character =) we were all factory workers, moving in sync. sort of freaky shizz.

..i eat too many maryland cookies. i spose they are my weakness. what's your weakness? oh, and glad so many of you like the song 'fireflies' except Bella of English Eccentric, because she is clearly a disgrace *giggles*. Have a good Wednesday, guys. oh, and share the love... you know you want to.

ciao ciao -™

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