Thursday, 19 November 2009

you know how thursdays go..

wow, it's doing it AGAIN. no text formatting box WHATSOEVER. Meh.
Right, so what I've been feeling today is that I want to live in a city. Namely Paris. But you know, London or Amsterdam would be cool, too. When people talk about holidays they always want to go somewhere hot and sunny like the Bahamas or someplace, but I want to go to a place that's not necessarily hot (though it's definitely a plus!!) but like...cities. Because they're so cool. Little backstreets, and people doing their day-to-day business on bikes, and cute little shops nobody's even heard of...and really fashionable people EVERYWHERE! Ahhhhhh, man. I hope I can go to Paris at Easter, I NEED TO! :D

Uh, anyway...
Today was the quiz (basically in my school, cos we have houses - like in Harry Potter heheh - we all get a quiz we have to do as a form group every Thursday morning, and then whoever gets the best overall scores at the end of the year wins. Yeah, sad, I know, but it would be good if Da Vinci one for once! Da Vinci is my house, me and Zara are in Da Vinci, and then Katherine, Kate, Jess, and Emily are in Marie Curie, Sophsterr is in Kilby, and Erin is in Somerville. HOUSE RANT....over!!) and it was about sweets and chocolate, and it was cryptic. Like "spin me around" was Twirl, and "feline equipment" was Kit Kat. It was really difficult! Shameem was getting into it though, hahahahaha, he was like "YES GET IN THERE" when we got one - LOLZ!

First I had Double Photography and we were mounting stuff, it was really boring. But when Miss Rose vacated the Digital Photography Studio to go back to the classroom, me and Katie made up our super-cool high five thing. I stand on a chair and lift my arms up and then she takes a run up and high fives me. Wooooot. After Break we had Double PE. Don't worry, no beef with Michelle (...much...). But Kate and Pengellerz got in some beef when Kate got sent outside. Cos basically, we hate ping pong 'cos we just wanna all be together. Erin, Katherine, Emily and me are in a group, but Zara and Kate got put with Matt and Reece. And Matt and Reece always do singles, so Kate tried to go in our group but she got sent out! We put music on briefly, but we weren't allowed to listen to anything with swearwords in after "Dont Trust Me" came on. It was awesome until the beef part. Then Pengellerz made us turn it off :(

At Lunch I hastily finished my English Coursework which I was up all night doing it's like 9 pages long - HAND. WRITTEN. A4. Everyone else was revising for the Chemistry ISAs (In School Assessments). We discovered Jess is awesome at revising (I swear she has a photographic memory...!) Then English. Not much happened, Tim had his surfing alien and Eileen was being a rebel on her iTouch. Then we got hand sanitizer everywhere... and we were like EILEEN CONTROL YOURSELF hahaha. Then the ISAs which were OK. I thought Kam had his phone on him, but it was actually his awesome tape recorder key ring thingy. Then I got the bus after giving Erin my Work Experience form to hand in. I walked home with Mike and Kam after it got to the station - apparently Guilfest is on again soon AHHH! I have to go, Mike said we could sleep over there, so no more sneaking under the fence and getting chucked out of the campsite like last time haha!

Sophie called up when I got back and asked if I wanted to go to this "Keep Fit" thing, and I was about to go, after walking His Lordship, but then Mum realised Theo had the car. GRRRRR. So we didn't get to be healthy :(

I swear bloggers don't go into their day as in detail as me... =/ Oh well. I'M DIFFERENT GUYS.

ciao ciao


Maria Confer said...

Love that top photo and I seriously need that locket!

the girl with the satchel said...

cute as top photo. Oh tegan how I do love our days in detail, Lol the high five thing sounds AWESOME, and guilfest , I so need to go to a festivel next year.