Friday, 20 November 2009

happy birthday my doggy!

Soooo, today is Friday, the day of MUFTI, and also Rufus's first birthday! N'awww! Yeah, so, first, I decided what to wear :D Then first period...English... Erin couldn't sit with me 'cos Nathanael's back :( Oh well... there was all this drilling going on outside and builder work, and after some crude jokes (you don't wanna know...) Miss Chow decided that she couldn't read over the noise, so we could sit and chat for the last few minutes! It was so weird. It was quote Harry Potter "Snape had just started giving out sweets" haha - nerdy reference, but whatever. I HEART HARRY POTTER. Me and Sophie believe in Hogwarts...

ANYWAY, I had Chemistry next, and I got to sit with Jess and Erin :D I just sat there, and she didn't say anything - woots for teachers being cool! Probably because it's Children in Need today. (Hence the Mufti, or no uniform...) We made Christmas lists to occupy our time :)
After Break was Double Drama. It was long, I won't go into detail. Basically we had to make up a character and after watching this shocking PowerPoint of pictures with physical conditions like the elephant man our characters were taking a job at Channel 4 to make a documentary about these people. We had to see if people in the public enjoyed the show "Body Shock" that was on a while back. We didn't interview the public, a few people stayed in character, and the others became the public. Twas good, we learned alot. ><

At Lunch me, Erin, and Molly went to see Maria to talk about all the beef that's been going on. I didn't get to eat any of my lunch so I ate it in form ^-^
5th Period ... Maths. we had a cover, Mrs Woodward, who is scary (to quote Sophie, "if her eyebrows go any further they'll be knotted into her head!") but actually quite a good teacher. Then Functional Skills with Nanny P heheh. When I got home, we celebrated LePoof's birthday. Mum made an impromptu party hat for him, and we sliced some solid dog food in half to make a birthday cake :) We gave him his presents and sung 'happy birthday' - it was so funny! and sweet! I got some pictures, well, my Dad did, I'll post them later, I have to get to Sophie's now!

ciao ciao

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