Saturday, 21 November 2009

new moon...BEEF!

So today I went to good old Blazers. Kate couldn't come and we felt bad seeing New Moon without her...but yeah. First I had ice skating and we got there early, but who really cares? We went to Blazers, did a spot of shopping (OK... posh much?!) after straight away getting the tickets for New Moon. We actually GOT seats, and not right at the front, as well! Score! We really should have booked, but at least we got them! Then we did some shopping, I got an Audrey Hepburn CLOCK! Ahhhhh! I know...! And a postcard from Paperchase (love them, thanks for showing me Erin! :D). We also saw Lisa getting her hair straightened... hahahahahha. Lols were had. Aww. And I went to Ryman to get some envelopes for Mum. She's making her own Christmas Cards this year with her illustrations on them, they are so so so soooo cute, I have had a little preview!! We went to Cafe Bebo after that - HAHAH bebo, those were the days...before facebook. We wanted to know if it was pronounced 'beh-bo' or 'bee-bo' either way we're not going back! I had the safe option, I just had this chocolate-caramel shortbread thing, and Erin had a muffin, cos we had already had lunch, but Sophie said her BLT was all dry and had mayo when she asked not to. Hmmmmph! And the OJ was waayy overpriced. ANYWAY...

The film was SO GOOOOODDDDDDDD!! Me and Zara did have a bit of commentary, but come on, it was necessary! Ahhhh like the hot times with Taylor Lautner topless (this happened A LOT. Yayz) and of course THE BEST EVER LINE; Bella: Do you have beef with those guys or something? No jokes, the four of us like ERUPTED (you know how we are with our beef!) whilst nobody else in the cinema even coughed! Huh! But anyway - I recommend it, it was awesome!

Then we did a bit more shopping before coming home. Sophie got a Shakeaway (Double Decker, yum) before we went to the station, and it was TIPPING DOWN! Sophie had an umbrella which her and Zara shared, but me and Erin were a little more creative!! Yeah, you've heard of sharing umbrellas, but not of sharing a HOOD! hell yeah! Good thing I had my duffel :)
We were having a massive convo on the train and just realised we had pulled in to Fleet! These guys were like 'it's Winchester' and then another was like 'it's Basingstoek' and I was like 'errr, we just came from there, dumbass!'
Then Erin came back here, and called her parents. But she couldn't sleep over :( Oh wellllsss. Looks like its X Factor alone tonight!! We looked over my Clarice Bean books. You gotta love Clarice Bean, with her pinafore and satchel...ahhhh....

Ooooooh yeah, me and Erin (and other friends, Sophie and Zara, Emily probably, not sure who else exactly) wanna do another photo shoot - MASQUERADE STYLE BABY! Wahooo DIY masks :D Ahhhh woop, I can't wait. >.<

ciao ciao

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Kiki said...

Haha I'm probably the only one out of my group of friends that hasn't seen New Moon yet! I hated twilight. So. Glad you liked it though!

Ooooh I remember Clarice Bean, love her and her sassyness.

The photo shoot sounds fun! x