Wednesday, 18 November 2009

mufti choice...or not.

OK so I was going to put pictures of me in two outfits to see which one I should wear on Mufti Day (no uniform :D) on Friday. But my camera had other ideas and decided to just ignore the fact that it was plugged into a computer... *sigh*
So, I will just have to describe the two. Well, I have one with a white long sleeved top and a red T-shirt from Zara with shorts and white tights, orrrrr a white long sleeve top, grey check shirt, white tights, brown heels, brown cardigan. Hmmmm. I might go with the second one, even though I do love my Zara tee. The second choice is very... old Parisian schoolkid :D

So anyway, I posted this pic (^^) because it completely got me in the wintery mood! Wahoooo, I love wrapping up warm and Starbucks' new red theme with the Gingerbread Lattes and who can forget the TOFFEE NUT Lattes they are yummmmmmy!
So today is Progress Day, so no school, wahoo! After doing most of my work (reading, online learning, filling in the sheet thing) I went to Jess's with Erin and we made more DIY Shakeaways, these ones were better though. I also did a bit of English Coursework...I so can't wait until Jess gets her stripper pole, endless twirling... yeah, she's not a stripper guys - did I mention this before? Yeah, her pole is for AEROBICS... nothing else haha!

Oh yeah, sorry the writing is SO SMALL today, it's because for some reason the little size thing didn't turn up on the box... hmmm, technology today!

I have to go make dinner now, then finish off my English Coursework. I don't have the actual poem with all the notes, and so I need to phone Katherine... ugh, busy busy - but there's always time to blog!

ciao ciao


Bella said...

by brown shoes, do you mean, like, oxfords? If you have oxfords you are a very lucky girl :)
have you tried turning the camera on when its plugged in? I always forget to do that and cant see why its not working -_- xxx

Maria Confer said...

Oh, that photo definitely puts me in the mood for snow!!!