Tuesday, 24 November 2009

rain rain rain...

It's raining pretty heavily right now.
I just got back from walking the dog.
Yeah, you guessed it, without a coat.

So I smell like rain :( but apart from the coldness and the smell, I do actually rather love rain. When the whole sky goes dark and grey and ooooooh spooky... or when I'm in my little attic room and I can hear it on the roof, and I'm snuggily inside :)

Today I had Maths, where like...nothing happened. Miss Clay was back. Me and Erin passed our book around, with our characters in it. Like Neil and Roy and that lot. It's not finished yet, though. Then in English we didn't watch the video, as expected, but I did do a lot of work, wooh! After Break I had Double History which wasn't as fun as it usually is. Then after Lunch, Science. Me and Mike were passing notes about GUILFEST next year, I soooo hope I can go. Thing is, I know Erin loves Guilfest but we never planned to go next year I just got invited by Mike. But I still feel bad :( Anyway then Photography we have to get our work done by Tuesday...er...WHAT work exactly? All of it? Or some? Or ... what?! She's so vague!! GRR!

I'm having issues with Blogger. At the top of this little box where I type my entry in, all I have is bold-italic-hyperlink-blockquote-spellcheck-insert picture- insert media.
I don't have the box where you can select what font you have, or how big it is. It's so annoying!
Ooh, and when I insert a picture or...er...seven (heheh), all that comes up is HTML. I mean the picture's still there. But it makes it virtually impossible to insert any captions in the middle of all this gobledeegook! Sigh.
Anyone else have this problem?? No, just me? OK then...

ciao ciao


mart and lu said...

there is lots of rain where i live as well! you have such a lovely blog...the pictures are so lovely!

Welcome Home said...

Oh winter is here!!! I have gone through 4 umbrellas already. I live by the sea so wind, sea and rain are not a great combo. I love the pictures you find. The are really beautiful