Monday, 23 November 2009

one heck of a stuffy room..

Well, today was...interesting?
I just got off the phone with my Nan. I just helped her select a ringtone on her new mobile phone which she can't quite get to grips with. *sigh* I am helping mankind so much...!

Right, well, ENGLISH first (yay....) and me and Tim just talked about clicking things and such. Wooh. Miss Chow FINALLY finished reading 'A Christmas Carol' to us in her monotone voice. It was so funny at the end, when Scrooge is celebrating because he's happy and all that, and she said 'ha. Ha. Ha.' in such a depressed voice, it was hilarious! In Science I sat with Jess and Erin again - yayah! After Break I had Double French. I have to write my script for my speaking exam on Friday - eeeeeeeek! Aside from revising, me and Kate and Katherine were talking about all the issoooss going on. I decided to not really get involved you see. I was sort of confused as to what really happened...but yeah! Then at Lunch we went to Maria the Counsellour's office, like, 10 of us, and we all SQUIDDGGEEEDDD in, it was boiling when we left, that room is TINY! :D We let everything out. Sort of. I still don't feel like everything's been cleared up, but whatever. I got to miss form, and some of History. So I probably missed one of Miss Jones's random stories at the beginning of the lesson :(

Then Maths. We had Mr Leighy (COVERS ALL WEEK...I mean, er, get well soon Miss!). Alec's jumper smells of potatoes. Woots.

Then I got back and had a cuppaaaa and walked His Lordship. I was getting into my Photography homework when I got back, and then Mum was like "Tegan aren't you supposed to be at Drama tonight?!" so I went to Drama. Laura and Georgia can't do the show because it's Georgia's party. Great. They've dropped out, so we're sort of changing the show a bit to fit in with their disappearances :(

Right, the MORAL and DEEEEEEEEEP section of my blog...
Basically, GET OVER IT! If someone does something that annoys you, don't start beef, just MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!! And errrr... yeah if your friend is going through shizzle instead of getting mad at each other and practically making it a COMPETITION, in Sophie's words..."UNITE!"!!

got to do my French now!!

salut salut


the real mia said...

I love that telephone photo. I often wish I had a land line just so that I could talk on a cool phone like that.

Maria Confer said...

Gorgeous photos. How bad do I want that phone!!