Wednesday, 25 November 2009

gala night, baby

Yeah, it's that time of year again.
When Fleet Town (the place of dreams) hosts GALA NIGHT! Turning on the Christmas lights, and rides that make you puke like Music Trip that all my friends wierdly enjoy...(except Katherine :D) and the stalls selling food and ... er... more food. And some places freebies. And this year, an ICE RINK! So as soon as I got there after Drama I hit the ice with Erin. It wasn't really ice per say. It was slippery plastic. But we still managed to sort of own the small children slipping around. We had some sort of control. And our own skates :B We also saw some adorable Scouts selling Christmas Cards in their lovely selling technique: 'BUY OUR CARDS!!!' hahahaha. And we saw the buff guys in the gym :) And saw people. Ainsley tried to lick my face again. Not. Happy. Oh, and we saw Pat the Bald Guy (caretaker/janitor -if you're Americanooo- at our school) raving it up to this random Fleet-grown band. HAHA.

We then went back to Jess's. We were all pretty scared because earlier on in the day, like, after school, when Erin was there, apparently she got a call saying "is your Dad there?" and she said "no" and they said "is your Mum there?" and she said "no" and they said "are you home alone then?" and she said "yes" and they HUNG UP... then we watched Waterloo road >.<

ANYWAY before any of that happened... SCHOOL. 0.0 Ummm so first was Double Physics. Katie read our book of characters. I did this MASSIVE mind map even though none of us had the notes... then after Break...erm....MATHS. Miss Clay is BACK. Grrrrrr. However, David was like "Miss, is Spongebob a cheese?" which contrived a huge debate between him and Alec.
Then Philosophy and Ethics. Katherine was at Tavistock school so it was just me :( But it was hilarious! Cos Miss Timms (RE/P+E teacher. May be slightly senile.) was like to Shamim "are you a Muslim then, Shamim?" and he said he was and she said "there are some things I highly disagree with in the Islam tradition" and he was like (under his breath) "bitch..." ahh, good times.

Then Drama. WOOOH. We did improvisation in our made up characters. Kam was awesome, as per. Then French. Me and Matt just had a massive chat about back when he lived in Spain and me in Belgium and how he took his top off when he was a kid and his bromance with this dude HEHEH. Oh...and revised for my French orals of GOD, I'M SO SCARED!!! Ah well I sort of know it. Zara was quizzing me in form :)

After school got the bus back with Kam, then my hairdresser came and did my hair. It's basically got quite a lot of layers in it and more of a proper fringe. And a trim, duh, so that it can grrowwww, growwww growwww!!

Then Drama and Gala night... Thursday tomorrow. HAHAHA Double PE..hmm gonna be good! :D

Ahhh I love Gala night. I love standing under the bright lights. I love wrapping up warm and laughing with your friends, and the Christmas lights. And the crappy Christmas tree they put up every year...

ciao ciao

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the girl with the satchel said...

oh lovin the pictures and that ice was a LET DOWN!!!! xx