Thursday, 26 November 2009

happy thanksgiving!

Yeah I'm English. So OBVZ I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, but I read a lot of American blogs, and I realised today is Thanksgiving, as they were all blogging about it! Um... eat pie and turkey guys? That's all I have to say :) And is it always on the 26th? Because if it is, then that is a bit silly, non? I mean...why not make it a day earlier, on the 25th? 'Cos then it would be EXACTLY a month before Christmas! OK, these are the wierd things I think about...don't mind me...

'Cos of my haircut yesterday, my hair KICKS ASS when I curl it!! See the above pic ^^ Yeah it doesn't look as good now, but it did earlier!

Woahhhh Thursdays roll around so quickly. Double Photography - printed off my written proposal for my project, which I will be doing on Saturday with Erin. I need like 60 initial shots - cripes!
Double PE - We got put into new groups. I was with Emily and Nanny P so it was pretty cool :) Sophie was just with Mason and bless her...Zara had to go with... BALL SUCKERRRRRR!! *schlop schlop* <--- Sophie :) We had this tournament thing. I grabbed any oppurtunity to converse in French with Matt to prepare for my orals tomorrow! Wish me luck guys!
English - watched 'A Christmas Carol' and yeah, NOT THE MUPPET VERSION! Pffff, I know. What's the point!? Tim was saying there's a version with some guy off Star Trek in it which is apparently good. And of course that new one just out for Christmas with Jim Carrey (looking sort of, er, inappropriate shall we say on the poster). I wore my glasses. Katherine held my hand at the spooky bits.
Physics - we had this quiz thing. I didn't do too bad actually :) Considering it's PHYSICS 14/20 is sort of OK, right? Katie read more of our Goon Book (with the characters I was describing in earlier posts)

Then I got the bus back with Kam (waheyyy) and then got in and Mum yelled at me cos I forgot to give Ann my money for tickets for my parents to see me and Theo in this show we're in on Saturday night. (Willis Hall, 7pm. BE THERE haha) Then I ate cookies and watched Friends re-runs with Theo. Joey is such a legend.

I'm gonna go make a *CHRISTMAS WISH LIST* -oooooohhh, ahhhhhh-

ciao ciao

P.S: found an awesome blog, made me think of Erin - it's a blog she'll like :) <---v. vintage. ;)
P.P.S: Sophie quote of the day - "it's OK, I'm not gonna lick this one" (she likes licking fruit - usually kiwis. Which are usually - well, ALWAYS - hairy. So, she often describes it as "licking a v'jay'jay. But she still does it.)

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Kiki said...

Ahaha silly. Thanksgiving is always on the 4th Thursday of november. So some years it can be as early as the 22nd, or as late as the 28th. I really have no idea why we can't just pick a date though!

Have fun making your xmas list x