Monday, 2 November 2009

pingu is god!!

Likin' the specs? ^^
So today's Monday - back to school. I started with the new regime this morning, after getting up and showering and shizzle when I went downstairs to get my breakfast and make my lunch Mum left me with the dog and I had to play with him energetically for 20 minutes and then wearing him out so I could put him in his bed and leave for school. So that Mum can get more working time in the morn.

On the bus we witnessed Sarah's new hair - pixie cut with dyed red on top for added rebelliousness... plus Krishy spilled coffee all over her scarf as usual when we went over the speed bumps in Fleet Town - the place of dreams. At school we had assembly which was, you know, boring as usual. Mrs Anwar talking about how her son saw Manchester Untied play. Wooh. Then English which was boring.... ahhhh. English is so gay. It used to be funny when we took the piss out of Moniza Alvi!

OMG HAHAHAHAHHA. I just found the funniest Facebook argument! Basically Jackson, Adam Canfield, Sam Gibbs, Ollie Mabbot-Say, Rhys Kinrade, Steve Rawson, and Andy Dowling with Mike Woodfine and random add ins from Nat Eileen and Kamran and Andy Holmes - who is actually in the picture. Oh and Janoux. And now me. HAHAHAHAH ITS HILARIOUS they're all like 'ohhh you're so hard on Facebook' and like organising a fight. Ahhhhhh LOLS.

So anyway after English was Science and that was like ... yeah Hana and me had to do some wort of washing up liquid experiment shizzle. And then after Break we had Double French and I just got in a bitch fight with Hannah and like ... yeah discussed random shizz with Matt. After Lunch .... ugghhh Philosophy and Ethics exam. I wrote 'because they think that God (Pingu)' because PINGU IS GOD. Luckily it was just a mock and I'm not doing the real exam so who cares? Then I got a C+ in Maths which is actually good for me.

well I'm gonna see Billie's pics of London now,

ciao ciao

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