Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Woooh trying out a new font :)
I was reading the 'A Stealer of Hearts' blog and found a blog called Hayleycakes which is basically just pictures. Then the picture is a link to where she got the picture. I followed the link to another picture place and found this really cute one ^^

So anyway, the title is 'hormonal' because earlier I was trying to edit my Science project and errr...well I totally flipped out when everything went wrong. On Sunday Erin and I edited it together on my Mac and my Mac failed me -_- all the audio went out of sync :( I couldn't do it on Lappy so I had to resort to Theo's compoop. And when I plugged in my Flip... NOTHING HAPPENED. His computer just DIDN'T ACKNOWLEDGE IT. And even Spindelshanks, computer wiz, was totally dumbfounded. Anyway before he stepped in and it was just me trying to work out why nothing was happening, there was a lot of crying and whining and throwing things. Yeah. Hormones much.

Well.. first today was Maths. We got a new seating plan and it's like .... mehh I miss sitting at the back with my crew :) Drawing stuff with Erin! At least I'm more focused now, I guess, and I have Alec like RIGHT THERE (as usual...) to help me. He is good at Maths, you see.
Second was English and we watched this freaky video which wasn't actually THAT freaky but Michelle was like OMGGGG and we were like 'yeah shut up'. We were back in the old room - yay. I like the old room :) Well Tim wasn't there but it didn't matter cos everyone moved to watch the video anyway.

I just read Zara's blog. I wonder if she reads mine? If she does then I have a tip for her. Paragraphing is the key ;)

More about Zara after Double History - yes I like to keep things in chronological order you see...
So Double History was funny as ever, "LEDGE" some may say hahaha. Well aside from Mrs Jones referring to me as "vertically challenged" (yeahchortle.) it was pretty LOLworthy. During the break Ben went to the loo and Mrs Jones went off to do something quickly and when Ben came back he was like "OMG RORY YOU HAVE TO COME OUTSIDE AND SEE THIS MASSIVE SLUG I JUST SAW!!!" so him and Rory toddled off only to come running in again yelling "SHIITTT MISS LONSDALE! MISS LONSDALE!" and then Mrs Jones coming in dripping (it was raining) to, er, have a firm word at them because appaza Miss Hooper was there too and they were lacking in the tie department. Then they had a debate about the size of the slug and we got back to work haha.

Yeah so Zara. Well. At lunch today I was you know...eating my yoghurt like a cool kid. And then that stupid girl gets the urge to just you know... SQUEEZE IT!! So it goes everywhere (when I say everywhere I mean DOWN MY LEG and ON THE FLOOR) and after moppage I said to her "Zara you can't just go around squeezing other people's yoghurts you know" sigh. Such wise words.

After Lunch, it was form and Adam was being ... er.... gay? Haha. Then Science. Alec wasn't there. Mike told me it was because he split his trousers but I found out it was because he was at a football match. But who cares?! Bella and me were trying to revise with our nice methods :) I also sent a death threat to Mrs Dunn's parents and she sort of heard me. But she didn't take it personally which was, er, nice of her.
Then Photography. WAHHH. Miss Rose said my book had to be A1!!! Oh well I'm still using it to be cool. Me and Clare were printing off initial shots - except mine didn't come through until after the bell went and I had a bus to catch.

Then looked after and walked his Lordship and revision before having that total FLIP OUT. And now Dad's got to write me a note because I'm not gonna have my video...

ciao ciao

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