Wednesday, 4 November 2009

mushrooms, exams, and a big decision.

Yeah a new font. Mmmmmhmm. You can't get many fonts in here which is kind of annoying. I am rather the font enthusiast you see, so perhaps I should move my blog to Tumblr. It seems like you can get your own background which I would enjoy. Oh well.

So today I had a Chemistry exam first thing. Last night - when I wasn't having a stressy fit - I was cramming it all in because Chemistry is not exactly a strong subject for me. Lord knows how I'm in second set. Anyway, it was just a mock, so maybe it doesn't matter that I didn't finish. I mean I almost finished. But I had like 2 questions to go. I then found out that one of those questions was worth 8 marks. Which is stupid because loads of people don't finish, so why put the 8 marker at the end?! Corrr. After the exam, we all burst into conversation, as Zara said "oh my God we haven't spoken to each other for so long we're all letting it out now!!" which was completely true.

SORRY but I have to just take a looooksie at Tumblr. Just a looksie. OMG IT LOOKS AMAZING. Ahhhh I want Tumblr now. But then people wouldn't be able to like - see my blog on their dashboard. Or would they!? Wait - A Stealer of Hearts isn't on Blogger and I can still see hers... ahhhh OK.. well... we'll see.

So anyway after Science and Break blablabla I had Maths and Grace wasn't in the best of moods bless her... and David constantly trying to get Ben sent to Mrs Lambert haha. After Maths was Philosophy and Ethics. I was sitting there, not saying a word, you know, doing my shizzle, wearing my sexy glasses, when Miss Timms decides to move me next to Alex Henderson! Seriously WTF?! At least I was next to Erin. But we were too busy falling asleep to talk.

At lunch we did Secret Santa, but we're gonna have to re-do the whole thing because I was supposed to deliver Katherine's result to her, (she was at Music at lunch) but I sort of lost it so we'll have to do it all over... hehe, whoops >.<

Thennnnn after Lunch I had Drama and we're doing fairytales. I was with Kam Harriet and Rob and we did the 3 Little Pigs which was pretty funny even though it sort of failed because we had to be less than a minute and we were too slow ... even though Kam was talking ultramegafast. Then French. Hannah won't tell me what I apparently did to her in Year Four. GAY. And I was wearing my glasses and Mrs Lewin actually noticed hehe :)

Well... who couldn't?!
Then I got home and had to play with His Lordship because Dad was taking him for a run so I didn't need to walk him, meaning he needed vigorous play. We went in the garden. Autumn is so beautiful. Apart from the many, many mushrooms which are growing in my garden now. They're pretty big, too.

OK ... decision time. Tumblr or Blogger? I mean... Tumblr is so awesome. But I've been with Blogger ever since I blogged...
And you can have your own URL...

But if the range of fonts isn't bigger than Blogger then it's straight back here. Don't worry - I'll still be teganontoast.

Ahhh. OK. I'm making it guys.

omg it's amazing.
see you blogger.
you guys can now read me on;

*sniff sniff*
goodbye Blogger..

OK its really confusing. But I'm sure I'll get the hang?
Wish me luck peoples.
Other wise, I'll just come back on here :)

ciao ciao

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