Sunday, 1 November 2009

milk toof and halloween

Halloween was yesterday, but I didn't have time to update.
Started off by waking up at 6.30am so I could take Billie to the airport. We had to find some French Friends for her so she could board the plane with them - she's not allowed to fly alone because she's under 16. Stupid Ryanair. I saw this bébé at the airport that was dressed as a devil! Awwwww, so cuteeeee! I wish I had my camera. Hmm paedophilia though.

Anyway, when I got back I sliced the head off a pumpkin, then gauged out the insides with a spoon (and my hands... *ewwww*) and then carved a face in it. I called him Seamus ^-^
Then I decorated the lounge accordingly with candles and Theo's skeleton duvet cover. When everyone arrived we watched St. Trinians because Katherine hadn't seen it. Haha, scarryyyy! It was freaky half way through when my Dad was tapping on the window and we thought we were getting egged haha.
We ordered pizza and were contemplating scaring the delivery guy but we didn't because Katherine said we were wierdos. Which we are :D
We also tried to mimic some of the She Wolf moves. EPIC FAIL!

The next morning we found out that we almost died because we didn't blow out the candles and one of them was like melted into a puddle of wax, and if it had burned even further the sideboard could have been set alight! Dad was really upset because it was handmade and really expensive and the wax left some marks. oops.. :(

Then Erin and Jess and I did our Science project - filmed a funny and informative video at the pond. This is the link :
I just finished the rest of it and my English Coursework and caught up with all of Shane Dawson's new videos HAHA they are sooo funny! :) If you're like Eileen and you enjoy Miley Cyrus/Jonas Brothers then you would like him ... he takes the piss a lot, spoof vids you know =D

RRRRR, my videos are always out of sync it's really annoying!! I think it's when I edit them on the iMac...! But WHY!?! Loads of people use iMac. So I don't know why mine makes it go out of sync.....! I dunno. I'll see once the video has processed. But it seriously makes like NO SENSE after about half way through if its out of sync!!!

Ahem. Sorry about that ...
If worst comes to worst I can do it on my PC now that it works.

I'm so hungry. I smell a roast dinner though :)
Bummer that Billie couldn't experience one... they are so so so good. Especially from Waitrose. Wooh Waitrose.

I found this blog called My Milk Toof. It's so cute! Photography stories about these two little milk teeth :]

oh well
gonna see if my video works,

ciao ciao

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