Friday, 30 October 2009

what day is it today? oh right, friday.

Finally decided what I'm doing for my Photography emulation project (the second time around)^^
Here's the catch - I'm the model :) I mean, she's a ginge. So, whats a girl to do? Miss Rose said we could do that, so it's OK. It's like a self portrait. But in photo form. Hahah isn't it just BEAUTIFUL... ??
No. Oh well, it conveys a deep message about the beauty industry and blablabla. I'm so deep when it comes to photography analysis.

So Billie and I did that today, you know, took the picture. It took like half an hour to get that all on my face haha ^-^
And Paula stopped in with her girls for lunch. It was FILLINGGG as. Then Billie and I messed around taking pictures and stuff cos we're cool. And this is so not in chronological order but I don't care because I am rebellious.
So I was lazing in bed this morning whilst Billie was asleep and I was reading my book hoping to finish before the 7th November... you know...when it's due back! Then Mum made me get up and walk the dog so I had like no time to make myself look respectable and had to pull on some old boots and go round Ancells. Thank God I had my iPod. Mum doesn't like me taking it on walks, because I have to "connect" with the dog or whatever. Pahh.

Me and Billie made a cake the other day and it was GORGEOUS =)
I had the last piece for my breakfast. Héhéh!

I haven't written in my "Happiness: a personal essay" notebook like ALL DAY. Shocks. I will run out in a couple of months from using it too much and then I'll have to buy it AGAIN, providing they still sell it in Artbox. Oh God. I must stock up!!

Well now you know what to get me for Christmas!

ciao ciao

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