Thursday, 29 October 2009

camden town, and the notebook that changed my life

OK so this is the notebook I bought in London the day before yesterday ^^ Seriously I know it sounds OTT but this notebook has made me change my outlook on life. Haha, I know, it's wierd - but it's like... I dunno. I can't explain it. It's not like any of the diaries I kept before, I write down feelings and simple pleasures in life, and perception of happiness, which is any random things I encounter which make me happy >.<

How's that for a blog post? Héhéh!
So today I went to Camden town with Billie. We took my beautiful doggy Rufus with us, and he rode a train and a red bus for the first time! When we got there, the first thing I got was a cute little black pinafore dress for £13 (I haggled >.<) and then a £2 (YES, £2!!) dress top thing with little birds on it that I'm going to wear with my jeggings for ice skating. If you ice skate, a little tip from the mighty Erin - jeggings are good for it. :) I still need to try this theory out ...
Ahhh I love ice skating.
Anyway when we were at the £2 place there was also stuff for £1 as well but nothing caught our eye, and then we saw an actual BEARDED CHICK!! Selling stuff in the same stall thing for 5p! Like leggings and scarves and stuff. I didn't get anything it was kind of smelly. But bless her she was talking to us about where we were from and stuff :) It was like a charity thing.

Then we went to the main part, the Stables. There are like... SHOPS EVERYWHERE. I haven't been to Camden in ages - it is seriously cool. We got oriental shizzle for lunch and then Billie and I went off and looked around all the seriously cool vintage stuff. There's an Artbox! Pity I had no money left, I do rather love that shop...

So then on the train back I had my coffee and I sat on the floor. Then this businessman with his laptop sat on the floor and this skater dude with his iPod! Hehe, I like... started a trend! It was so cool I had my doggy at my feet (totally zonked out, using me as a pillow bless him) and I was writing in my Happiness notebook and it was soooo cool ... with my coffee and everything. See, I appreciate little things like that now. Just randomly.
Because of that sexy notebook me thinks.

When we got back I changed into my pinafore because we're going out for dinner later - it's Theo's birthday. How time flies, he's 19.

Then after going in the bathroom I realised that we don't use the bathroom for long periods of the day which I thought was a bit of a waste seeing as we paid so much to have it redone. So I sat in there with my notebook for a while.

I feel a bit faint. Still got a coffee aftertaste in my mouth.
I might go brush my teeth...

ciao ciao

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