Wednesday, 28 October 2009

billie and tegan hit the capitaaa

Couldn't update yesterday because we were in LONDON, and got back and had Fish'N'Chips so Billie could have a proper English experience. However, it gave me chest pains and the chicken in the chicken nuggets (I don't eat fish) was like... MUSH. Anyway, after dinner we had tea and then Billie and I watched sexy documentaries before going to bed.

So anyway, LONDON is what happened yesterday. First we got the train up, and as soon as we got to London we queued for an HOUR to get on the London Eye ^^ which is a must if you are visiting London so we saw the sights :)

Then we went to Wagamama (see pic of Billie at the top ^^) and I had the Chicken Katsu (yeah that's right, NOT THE KIDDIE MEAL! =D) without curry sauce. Mmmmmm. Scrumptious. Then we got a red bus (WOOH) to Oxford Street where we found this shop that said "MOST ITEMS £5 OR LESS!" but actually everything was like £15 and there was a small collection of ugliness in the corner that was £5 or less. But I found a nice checkered top for £7 which I got =B

After exploring Oxford Street we walked up to Covent Garden. There, we tried to look for the Muffin Shop that Sophie and Erin had told me about. They said it was kind of underneath, which fit the description of a place called 'Candy Cakes'. I think that was it.
Anyway we went in and it was really cute like greeny blue lighting and little pink things, but Billie and my Mum took one look at the brightly coloured icing and vetoed it. They thought it looked like plastic, so we went next door to Creme de la Crepe, this creperie where you can get awesome stuff in a crepe. I got the Nutty Professor - nutella and peanut butter :)

Then we searched and searched for the legendary Artbox that Eileen told me about, asking people in shops and everything. At 5.00 we waited outside Octopus for my parents but then they called and said it was actually 5.30 so we spent an extra half an hour getting lost outside Covent Garden in Central London in the dark, asking for Artbox! In the end we found our way back to Covent Garden and I asked at Information and they told me where it was, and we met up with my parents again and we all went down to Artbox together.
AHHH it's amazing.
There's a pic above of me in Artbox ^^
In the end I got a diary that says 'Happiness a personal essay' on the front which was so so so cute and a rubber with a bear on it that says 'I wish you happiness'

After that we headed home and ate that vile dinner.

I love London.

ciao ciao

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